Your Ultimate Festival Style Guide…

July 18th, 2012

Festivals are to summer what rain is to wellies (aka they go together, like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong). Ah festivals.

But whether you’re a festival virgin or a hardened fanatic, dressing the part can be a veritable minefield at times. and that’s without the rain.

Well, not any more. 3am have rounded up all the essentials YOU need to guide you through festival season in style.

Simply pick a celebrity tribe, a summer tuuuune (make that sound cool if you can) and then steal their style for less. only, be sure to snap up an actual ticket too – pitching a tent up in your garden is so 2011…

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The Ultimate Festival Style Guide: Pick your tribe…View gallery  


NAME DROP: Kate Bosworth, Katy Perry, Vanessa Hudgens and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

LISTEN TO: Snoop Dogg, Bon Iver, Pulp, some other cool bands, maan.

DROP THE FASH-BOMB: "oh my gosh guuuys, your micro JBrand denim hotpants are so darling. I love your bangs. is that bag vintage? have you been to the Mulberry pool party yet? They’re giving out free bags and beach balls y’all. oh my gosh is that Joshua Jackson? Shut up, he’s wearing RayBans, that’s like so totally hot. are you wearing last season? oh no you did-n’t! See ya later doll *fash’ snap*"

YOUR TOOL KIT: Label lovin’ LA luvvies Kate The Boss Bosworth & Co. are all about the low slung denim cut-offs (Siwy or JBrand), Lauren Moshi vest tops, mocassin boots, RayBans and BUNDLES of Mulberry. Add sunshine (bottled ifnecessary) and a high SPF as required. Click to buy below:


LOOK TO: The Saturdays, little Mix, Michelle Keegan, Team TOWIE…


DROP THE FASH-BOMB: "Shut up, is that a Rihanna for River Island top? was it spenny? Babes, you are sooo next season. OHMYGAWD is that rain? Cringe. WHAT IF MY TAN WASHES OFF!? IS THAT RAIN!? Ohmygawd that was close. Babes, let’s go hide in the MAC tent and get our lashes done again. this weather is like totally stressing me out and Joey Essex is totes still there." *LOLZ to self, struts off*

YOUR TOOL KIT: Polished, primped and preened to within an inch of your life, you’d like totally die if you chipped a nail and had to actually camp. Luckily V Festival is equipped with an Office shoe tent and more make up than you could shake your vajazzle at. Think on-trend printed playsuits, bright ASOS macs, wedges and (if you can’t make it to the waiting limo in time) a kitsch pair of Hunter wellies. Click to buy below:



LOOK TO: Rihanna, Jessie J, Rita Ora and that person that you haven’t heard of yet but you will.

LISTEN TO: Whatever’s hip. Hang on, it’s not cool anymore. no it is, no it’s sooo cringe again. Just you try and keep up.

DROP THE FASH-BOMB: DO NOT UTTER a WORD. The chances are it’ll have gone mainstream by the time it’s passed your lips. best to keep schtum and let your clothes talk for you, yeah.

YOUR TOOL KIT: Anything by Boy London, vintage threads (if it’s last season ASOS that works too), creepers, glasses (worn at an ironic angle and at all times… eye contact is also very 2011… and without lenses in, jeez), bundles of jewellery that you ‘picked up in a thrift store’ (Freedom at Topshop) lip transfers, face paints, swimsuits worn as bodies (by We are Handsome) studded hotpants, whatever tights House of Holland are wheeling out this season and last – but by no means least – your boyfriend’s shirt / denim jacket / hat or face, permanently pashing your own face.

If in doubt, wear a Game Boy around your neck. Yeah! Hackney chic-end more like! Click on the ironic 2012 buys below, quickly, before the masses catch on…


THE CLASSIC ONE: Glastonbury aka FASH’TONBURY… a little bit country, a little bit rah (androll).  

LOOK TO: Kate Moss, nothing else compares. Not even Sinead O’Connor. 

LISTEN TO: The oldies are the goodies (and sometimes Beyonce makes the grade too).

DROP THE FASH-BOMB:  "your shoes are really trendy. are you sure you don’t need a coat? is that rain? That’s not how Bruce would have done it. back in the day musicians played their own instruments. back in the day you could get a can of Strongbow for tuppence. back in the…"

YOUR TOOL KIT:  okay, just because it’s a classic it doesn’t mean Glasto’ is past it’s best. Relive Kate Moss and co.s wonder years with timeless olive green Hunter wellies, on-trend knitwear, Liberty vintage-print Barbour wax jackets, lashings of Benefit bad Gal eye kohl and an industrial amount of dry shampoo. Then throw caution to the (gale force) wind and get stuck in (the mud). One festival you simply cannot afford to miss. Click to buy below…


Happy camping x

Your Ultimate Festival Style Guide…

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