X…. Jules After Dark ….X: Va Va Vajazzle Your Vajayjay!

May 4th, 2011

 Vajazzling is the new Beauty craze sweeping the World…thanks to the crap “The Only Way Is Essex” soap/reality TV show in the UK & Jennifer love Hewitt in the US. I’m thinking of having it done myself. so what is Vajazzling? Well the proper definition is…Vajazzling: The act of applying glitter and jewels to a woman’s nether regions for aesthetic purposes. The Urban Dictionary has better definitions…to give the female genitals a sparkly makeover with crystals so as to enhance their appearance…to decorate your vag with jewels, thus bedazzling your vagina. Basically speaking, Vajazzling is having a Hollywood wax (everything smooth) and then applying Swarovski crystals to the skin to make it look really pretty.Although Vajazzling refers to applying the crystals to your “lady parts also known as the Vajayjay” there is no reason why the beautiful designs can’t be placed anywhere on the body to add a bit of glamour or bling. You don’t just have to have them on your nether regions. you can enhance the tatoos you have too, they can also be placed on the earlobes, neck, belly, arms, lower backs, fingers & toe nails. they are perfectly harmless crystals & are guaranteed to last up to 2 weeks, depends how rough you enjoy sex lol or how tight you wear your jeans. most will last for weeks, though I have heard of crystals being found in the bed, knickers, on other clothes, infact just about everywhere. they are flat on one side & are self-adhesive. Completely safe, non-allergenic & harmless to the skin. The Vajazzle, if applied correctly to smooth, clean, dry skin should last one or two weeks. If you have a wax, it should last a few weeks before the hair begins to grow back, therefore, the crystals will fall off before any noticeable hair growth appears. The glue used on the crystals is dermatologic-ally tested, for use on the skin so it should not cause any irritation.

Vajazzles are not pointed or sharp to the touch, and will not hurt your man if he rubs against them. If you are going on holiday, a vajazzle tattoo looks very pretty just above the bikini bottoms. they can be worn when swimming as they are waterproof, however, prolonged periods in water may shorten the length of time that they stay on before beginning to loosen. another great thing about Vajazzles is that if you want to remove them they simply peel off quite easily, and a new design can be applied, so if you are on holiday you can wear a new vajazzle each day with your new bikini.we all wear jewellery for a night out, and make up, and now you can “bling your thing” or bling up any part of your body and stand out in a crowd.

So as I usually have a Brazillian in the Summer I’ve been thinking about getting Vazazzled & maybe having one of my tatoos enhanced too…what do you think? should I get it done? would you like to see on this blog the results? Comment & let me know, what design should I have? let us know if you’ve had you vajayjay Vajazzled too & Guys what do you think of Vajazling?Here’s a video, showing how easy it is to diy the vajayjay with home kits.  


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