Would you Vajazzle your va-jayjay?

April 24th, 2011

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend but would you ever consider vajazzling yourself? I find myself sitting on the fence and think it’s a great concept if done in a classy manner but I’m not sure I could go to a salon and have it done professionally.

For those not in the know, vajazzling is a trend in where you apply stick on jewels to your pubic region after it’s been waxed or shaved. It’s growing in popularity with a lot of celebrities going to get it done, but while it has no real benefit, the reason women are getting vajazzled is primarily for aesthetic purposes.

It’s a painless procedure, tiny crystals are stuck onto the skin using suitable adhesives such as eyelash glue to prevent reactions. Selected beauty salons and spas now offer this service, allowing you to choose your design and a specialist will work on your shaven area and turn it into a work of art for a payment.

Unfortunately once you’ve been vajazzled, the results only last a couple of days. if done professionally, you can be sparkling away down under for up to five days, but once the hair begins to regrow, the crystals will begin to fall out.

If you’ve got the patience and artistic nature, you can vajazzle yourself by buying in your own crystal jewels, applying eyelash glue to the bottom and using tweezers to accurately place them upon your well, vajayjay. Another alternative is buying pre-made vajazzle designs that you simply peel back and stick where you feel is appropriate.

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Would you Vajazzle your va-jayjay?

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