Would you "Vajazzle" your stuff?

April 20th, 2011


New trend, at least for celebrities.
Would you?

Absolutely not. My boyfriend doesn't need it to be shiny to want to play with it and I don't spend enough time looking at it to enjoy the cost of vajazzling.

haha. never.

No. That's just weird. I don't want to sparkle like Edward Cullen down yonder.

what's vajazzle?

dnt be thiinkn so

I don't do anything that sounds like vagina…



I would if it was cheaper

I don't have a vaj, but I do know what my first business venture is going to be…

Um, no thanks.
That sounds really dumb.

maybe but you'd have to help me ;D

Thats really weird…I think I'll stick to bedazzling my random sh*t

I can't believe i clicked that link and i'm glad i only read 2 sentences. So no.

Would you "Vajazzle" your stuff?

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