Will Harry Styles’ Next Fling be a Reality Show Star?

July 7th, 2012

Harry Styles has yet another celebrity crushing on him, but she’ll have to get in line behind Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and Rita Ora.

And this gal probably also isn’t old enough for Harry – she’s former the only Way is Essex (TOWIE) star Amy Childs. Amy is only 22.

Now American one Direction fans probably have no idea who Amy is, but her old show TOWIE is a bit like Great Britain’s version of Jersey Shore or the Hills. And since redhead Amy has gigantic fake breasts and loves spray tanning, it would be a bit like Heidi Montag or JWoww wanting to date Hazza.

According to Entertainmentwise, Here’s what Amy said about 1D:

“I love one Direction. If I went on a date with one it would have to be Harry. He’s beautiful, his hair’s lovely. definitely!”

It’s odd that Amy chose Harry Styles since she has more in common with Niall Horan – they’re both fans of Fifty Shades of Grey, and Amy is one-quarter Irish. but perhaps she just finds Hazza’s hair too irresistible since she’s a beautician who owns her own salon.

Hazza does like his women kinky if reports about his ex-flings Lucy Horobin and Caroline Flack are to be believed, so maybe Amy Childs would be just his type – in addition to being a Fifty Shades of Grey fan who has learned all sorts of crazy stuff about whips and chains and sex toys, she also loves vajazzling. And Harry has said that he has a crush on Jennifer love Hewitt, another vajazzle believer. For those that don’t know, vajazzling involves decorating naughty bits with rhinestones. however, Amy is trying to take the idea further with her line of Hair Vajazzle kits.

Luckily for Directioners, Amy Childs probably won’t be forcing Harry Styles to star in a reality show or giving him a TOWIE makeover (complete with hair vajazzling) anytime soon – she’s currently dating someone else.

Then again, being with someone else certainly didn’t stop Lucy Horobin from having a fling with Hazza.

Photo Source: Harry, Amy

Will Harry Styles’ Next Fling be a Reality Show Star?

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