Why Towie stars provide a reality check to those of us too lazy to try

January 31st, 2012

TV critics up and down the country will have been rubbing their hands together with glee on Sunday night as the latest series of ITV2 reality show, the only way is Essex, kicked off.

They are fresh prey for the press and, no doubt, the cast will be slaughtered in the media for their overuse of fake tan, poor fashion sense and ditzy comments.

  1. Lauren Goodger opens the new N’OW @ Regis nail and brow bar at Debenhams in Romford, Essex. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Friday June 3, 2011. Photo credit should read: Ian West/PA Wire

Although I find myself shaking my head when I see how many column inches have been dedicated to these no-marks, I have to say I admire their carefree attitude and how they will wear what they want, when they want.

If they want to totter down to the supermarket in some ridiculously high stilettos, or wear false eyelashes to the gym, that’s fine by me – although I do watch them on TV with a wry, sarcastic smile on my face.

The same goes for other reality TV stars, such as those blonde-haired, bronzed Liverpudlians on E4’s Desperate Scousewives.

Some of them have been papped shopping on a Saturday afternoon with rollers in their hair, ready for a night out, or in the salon getting the famous “Scouse brow” (big, thick, dark brows that don’t match the wearer’s hair colour whatsoever, if you’re wondering).

In fact, in some strange way, they’ve inspired me. No, I won’t be getting a vajazzle or hair extensions any time soon, but I do admire the amount of effort they put in to how they look.

A lot of people would view this as being extremely vain, spending hours a day styling your hair or hundreds of pounds on make-up, but I quite like the fact they take pride in their appearance.

I don’t always put a lot of effort into the way I look. I will venture to the shops with no make-up on, or even arrive at the Mail’s offices in a morning with sleep in my eye and unruly hair.

I’m quite comfortable in my own skin, but it’s simply down to the fact I’m pretty lazy – which is quite embarrassing for a 24-year-old.

When I see these girls, they make me want to stop being a slob and put a bit of lippy on as I walk out of the door in the morning.

Every day, lots of young women style their hair, do their make-up and spend time picking out a smart outfit – I roll out of bed, tie my hair back and throw on whatever I can find that I will feel comfortable in.

These glammed-up women may be viewed as vacuous airheads who are more bothered about the current fashions than current affairs, but they take the time to make the most of their youth and beauty.

I know reality TV stars spend a lot of time in salons, and, to some extent, looking fabulous is all part and parcel of the job, but a little bit of effort costs nothing and can make a great difference.

I’m not suggesting a miniskirt and six-inch heels to do the big shop, but if we can take anything at all from these people, it’s to take more care of our appearance.

Oh, and if you see me wandering around with bad roots and a baggy old jumper, get me a taxi – to Essex.

Why Towie stars provide a reality check to those of us too lazy to try

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