What is a vajazzle..?

August 17th, 2011

I overheard my gran on the phone making an appointment earlier and she mentioned vajazzle. sounded like she was making an appointment at the doctors or something. when I asked, , she denied all knowledge and said she was just talking to a friend. I think she's putting on a brave face and I'm worried shes dieing. is this serious? should I be worried?

Yeah I would worry. How come you only managed to pick out one word of the conversation? You need to hone your spying skills 🙂

Oh your gran is out to impress someone!!! She's only gone and booked herself in to have her lady bits jazzed up!!

Just one thing, when she gets back, don't ask to see it!! it might scar you for life!!!

lol probably embarrassed to answer
my googlin suggests it is stick on gem stones usually or the tummy/pelvis

Vajazzle is a mixture of the words "Vagina" and "Bedazzle". It's like a decorated p*ssy….

Eeek i would be worried if i was you!! thats is one serious condition! Ganny's getting it on is not pretty and i hear heart attacks are common, i'd make sure you spend plenty of quality time with her in her final days as it sounds like your soo close to be so worried! my heart go's out to you and your over sexed granny =)

What is a vajazzle..?

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