Weekender: Frankie Paul, 22, beautician

January 1st, 2012

Tonight’s going to be a busy one. We’ll start in my salon, Pout, where all the girls will be getting their bits done: nails, hair, make-up, spray tans. once I finish work, I’ll spend a couple of hours doing my nails. They’re going to be bling. Bling bling. They’ve got to be mega long, and I want to cover every nail in diamonds. I’ll basically be a walking vajazzle.

I’ll be doing a lot of dancing. We’re starting at Club Ciroc in Romford, where my partner Ronnie is DJing, then moving on to Proud 2 for What The Funk and Defected at the 02. There’ll be about 30 of us out. I’ll be drinking vodka, lime and lemonade, and Jägerbombs – I do love a Jägerbomb. The house music will make everyone lively. It’ll be pretty mental.

I love New Year’s Eve, but I do get emotional. I don’t know why. when the countdown comes on and everyone starts singing Auld Lang Syne, I start crying, even though I’m really happy. My friends are like, “Frankie, seriously, sort it out.”

We won’t go to bed. I like to proper go for it because, being a mum, I might not be out again for a couple more weeks. my little girl, Isabella, is spending the night with Nanny. after the clubs, we’ll come back to mine and carry on with a bottle of champs, then gradually wind down. McDonald’s is the perfect hangover food: a cheeseburger meal with sweet chilli sauce and a banana milkshake. Then orange juice and chocolate for the rest of the day to recover.

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Weekender: Frankie Paul, 22, beautician

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