Vajazzling, Vajeweling, and Vatooing

July 30th, 2011

Mark my words: the vaginal adornment industry is about to get huge. Yes, I said vaginal adornment industry. Vajazzling, Vajeweling™, and Vatooing™ are the latest ways to make your ladybits extra appealing and their popularity is rising with the debut of The Real Housewives of New York star Cindy Barshop.

We all know that sparkly things = fun. so it only makes sense that sparkly things on a kookaa = super fun. Vajazzling, as it’s often called,  involves the application of small crystals to a woman’s nether regions.  after a Brazilian wax, the crystals are applied using a semi permanent glue. I’ve unfortunately never had the pleasure of being vajazzled, but I’ve read that they use the same glue that’s used for that time I got semi-permanent eyelashes. Of course, the pubic area is prone to more friction and wear than the eyelids, so they glue will come off much quicker– in five days or less. most of the vajazzle designs are pre-formed and then applied to your skin all at once. Typical designs are hearts, stars, crowns, initials… I can’t decide if it would be creepy or fun to vajazzle my lover’s initials onto my yumyum. Thoughts? If you want a less conventional design, some waxing salons will apply the crystals individually in the design of your choice.

Vajazzling has been on the scene for a couple of years, but it’s flooding into the mainstream now, thanks in large part to Real Housewives of New York newbie Cindy Barshop. Barshop is the owner of the ultra luxe Completely Bare salon franchise. Completely Bare, which is based out of NYC, has nine salons nationwide. they specialize in waxing, laser hair removal, VelaShape, Vajeweling™, and Vatooing™. Now, posh hair removal salons are popping up everywhere. Here in Chicago, I can think of two waxing salons off the top of my head: The Waxing Room over in Lakeview and Trim in Lincoln Park. a vajazzling at Trim will cost you $55, according to their website. Seems pretty reasonable, as that’s not much more than a regular wax.

This trend is really interesting to me because it’s a little strange and pretty darn tacky, yet these salons are obviously targeting upper to upper-middle class women. And with Cindy Barshop’s name now more popular than ever, I fully expect Vajeweling to take off. There’s something thrilling about being able to pack so much bling on an area that’s supposed to be totally private, and I expect that’s why women are gravitating toward the trend. or maybe the hype was created out of America’s boredom– getting a fresh Brazilian every month was getting routine and we wanted something more.

Vatooing™ is another form of vaginal adornment trademarked by Cindy Barshop. following a Brazilian wax, a temporary henna tattoo is applied. I’ve seen a lot of designs and shapes similar to Vajeweling in addition to pretty, girly designs like vines and flowers that wrap around the hush puppy. It’s a lot less BAM!!! LOOK AT MY VAGINA!!! than Vajeweling, so I see it as a perfectly viable alternative. Vaginal adornment for the hippie chick, maybe? I am a fan of henna, so I would give Vatooing a go.

I’m super curious: what do others think about the whole vajazzling/Vajeweling/Vatooing trend? would you try it?

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Vajazzling, Vajeweling, and Vatooing

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