Vajazzling – the new Brazilian

August 7th, 2011

Brazilian bikini waxes are so run-of-the-mill nowadays. How can you get the competitive edge when it comes to your nether regions? Enter the upgraded Brazilian wax – Vajazzling. Vajazzling is a Brazilian wax with Swarovski crystals applied to the skin afterwards – the icing on the cake, so to speak.

Completely Bare Spa in New York has been offering the “Completely Bare with a Flair” for years now. Their website elaborates “ whether it’s a special occasion or you just want to sparkle everywhere, you can choose from an assortment of real Swarovski crystal designs so you can shimmer and shine”. Designs include a starburst, heart, and butterfly.

Spas in New York charge about $115 for the wax and vajazzle. The treatment takes about 45 minutes, and should last for about 5 days.

Jennifer Love Hewitt loves to vajazzle

But the trend really took off when Jennifer Love Hewitt waxed lyrical about vajazzling on the George Lopez show in January. “After a breakup, a friend of mine Swarovski crystalled my, um, precious lady,” Hewitt told Lopez. “it shined like a disco ball.” Apparently, her new dating book “The Day I Shot Cupid” has an entire chapter on the subject.

Intrepid blogger, Bryce Gruber, recently had herself vajazzled to cover her C-section scars. if you want to see the pictures, click here.

Well seeing as the Brazilian inevitably led to men waxing, we are waiting with baited breath for pejazzling to take off 🙂

Health Spas Guide is not aware of any Spas or Salons in South Africa that offer vajazzling/pejazzling – do you? have you tried this? let other readers know about your experience, by commenting below.

D.I.Y. Vajazzling

1. Buy a stick-on crystal body tattoo (available where they sell make-up) – they come in designs like hearts, stars flowers and butterflies. Swarovski crystal tattoos can be ordered online.

2. Remove the hair in your bikini area. Make sure to remove any residual soap or lotion, and pat dry. The skin needs to be as clean as possible for the stickers to stay on better.

3. Stick the crystals on the upper section of your bikini area only.

4. The crystals can be peeled off gently. Baby oil can be used to dissolve the glue. provides info and a booking service for over 270 spas in South Africa.

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Vajazzling – the new Brazilian

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