Vajazzle Your Vajayjay With These Handy Hints!

April 22nd, 2011

your hair like vajazzle stencil

There’s nothing quite as fantastically feminine as the lady flower between your legs. And just like a regular flower, when it’s loved, groomed, preened and pruned is when it completely blooms!

If you already take pride in your lady garden and groom your hoo ha, you can you can now take it one step further and vajazzle your vajajay by decorating your vadge with jewels, or beautifying your lady bits with stencils or colour. There are so many ways you can bedazzle your va jay jay with style. Think of it as an extension of your lingerie. When you vajazzle it’s like putting the final touches on your sexy outfit. And just as he gets passed that final lacy or silky garment, your beautifully vajazzled vagina is waiting to be revealed as a special and surprise.

When you’re looking to vajazzle, stencils are a fantastic place to start. you can purchase inexpensive pubic hair shaping kits that can help you transform your bush in to a lovely shaped hedge, like a heart, star or even lightening bolt. The Ready Betty kit is great for beginners because not only does it come with eight stencil shapes they also provide you with scissors and a hair removal cream.

Or, if you’re creative and crafty enough you can trace any pattern or shape on to a piece of paper and cut it out to make your own stencil. If you like a challenge try stenciling the playboy bunny image on your bits. That will definitely draw a smile! Wait until you have enough growth, then use a pair of sharp hand scissors to slowly cut around the outside of your stencil. If you are having trouble keeping the stencil on, put a blob of Vaseline on the back to help hold it in place. Sit in front of a mirror to help see what you’re doing and if the stencil becomes too cumbersome in those difficult to maneouver places you can use the mirror to help guide you.

Yup, you can even vajazzle your vajayjay by dying your kagina hair with a range of dye’s which are specifically designed to colour your coarse pubic hair. This is great for matching the carpet with the curtains, covering grey’s or just having a bit of fun by colouring your fuzz like a hot pink perfectly shaped love heart! If this sounds like fun to you, don’t go rushing off to the supermarket to pick regular hair dye for your head. That is way too strong to use down there, you will need to purchase a produce such as Sexy Betty hoo ha hair colouring kit..just be mindful that if you have sensitive skin, or if you have used a hair removal cream before that has caused you irritation, the strong chemicals when dying your pubic hair may also give you the same effects.

Jewels and charms are great fun when you want to vajazzle your vajayay. they are perfect for when you want to add a nice shimmery sparkle if you prefer the naked look of a Hollywood wax, or perfect for outlining your perfectly trimmed and stenciled hedge. they come in a variety of colours and are great fun for spelling out cheeky little words like ‘I’m Yours’ or your partners initials. they are very easy to use as they either come as stick on crystal tattoos or as individual stickers. Start by shaving or waxing your bikini area and wait until you are clean and dry before peeling off the backs of the stickers and then arranging them as you see fit. When it comes time to removing then, simply gently peel them off. or apply a little baby oil to dissolve the glue for easier removal.

Remember that when it come’s to vajazzling your vajayjay, the decorations are only for external use. No need to get carried away planting them in hide to find places. they will only irritate and could leave you with a nasty rash or reaction

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Vajazzle Your Vajayjay With These Handy Hints!

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