Vajazzle Your Vajayjay: How (And Why) To Get Completely Bare, With a Flair

April 20th, 2011

By Sierra Fromberg

Lately I’ve been writing a lot about my hoo-ha, (next week you’ll hear all about my below the belt facial!) but with Valentine’s Day approaching, the timing is actually quite apropos. Let’s admit one thing ladies (and gents): if you wax, whether you’re in a relationship or just enjoying one-nighters for the pleasure of it, there is some part of you that engages in this self-inflicted (and, need we say, painful) experience for the fella or lady in your life. Whether you keep it traditional and simply tidy up or you prefer to play porn star, waxing is never done for the sole purpose of looking down at yourself with admiration and pleasure – or at least we can’t imagine signing up to have hair ripped out from the root of our most sensitive areas for the hell of it, but that’s just us! rather, it’s about feeling sexy for a first date or making your husband of twenty years look at you and think, “yup – she’s still got it (and I still want it).”

10 Tips to Feeling Sexier!

Me – I’m pretty simple when it comes to my hair removal preferences.  in college, I couldn’t care less.  it was part of my “I don’t wear a bra, wash my hair more than once a week, own a thong or wear heels” phase. But, once I moved back to the city and started working for two very well-groomed gay men, it was made very clear to me that no one like likes an unruly bush.  And so began my foray into the world of waxing.  as with everything else in my life, I jumped headfirst into the deep end of this provocative pool.  no mere tidying up for me. I’ll take one Brazilian, straight up, and make it snappy.

Up until now, that’s as much attention as I’ve paid to that area. Well, until I heard about Completely Bare’s version of the Jennifer Love Hewitt-approved (and blabbed about) Vajewel and I knew it was my duty to experience whatever this phenomenon rocking the waxing world was.

Let’s just say this is your typical Brazilian wax…on crack.

The key to sexier legs!

I was lucky enough to have my appointment with resident Vajewel vixen Shari, who’s the best in the biz from what I hear. after my wax using the company’s signature Ouch-Less Wax (which, if I do say so myself, was a little less ouchy than usual), Shari showed me an array of Swarovski crystal designs to choose from.  I went with something small and simple (lets just say I wasn’t quite in the mood for the solar system my hooch). According to Shari, the design can stay in place for up to a week.  Self-disclosure – I have showered, gone to the gym, worn tight jeans and more… and those suckers are still firmly in place.

So, for those who may have grown bored with their same old scenario, or just looking to spice and sparkle things up for this coming Valentines Day we encourage you to accessorize your own jewels. Don’t live near a Completely Bare Spa? you can purchase their Limited Edition Bikini Wax Kit ($50) with all the tools you need for a flawless, painless bikini wax, at home. Plus, it comes with a bow shaped Vajewel too – so you can gift yourself to a loved one, Swarovski style!

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Vajazzle Your Vajayjay: How (And Why) To Get Completely Bare, With a Flair

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