Vajazzle Me! And win your own set!

May 2nd, 2011

We had a right laugh when we were offered a Vajazzle kit this week! How could we say no! We bet some of our Bombshells would have loved the idea of a Vajazzle! A certain Ms Jayne Mansfield and Ms Marilyn Monroe are two we reckons would have indulged in this latest beauty craze. If you don’t know what a Vajazzle is, then you’re probably very lucky – that means you have missed the mockumentary that is The Only Way Is Essex, currently in its second series on ITV2 (The next episode is on tonight, at 10pm). the lives and loves of a bunch of well, over made-up, over-tanned, bit vacuous, sometimes funny,  people might sum it up?!

One of them, Ms Amy Childs, brought ‘Vajazzling’ to the UK in her ‘beauty salon’ on the show. Basically it’s crystal body art, placed, well, down there, if you catch our drift – and we think there’s a huge clue in the name!

We were not going to put a picture of that on our blog, so we tried it out on our wrist! you can, of course,  apply these crystals anywhere you like. our kit comes from – where you can buy individual Swarovski crystals, or the designs like the ones we used, which are extremely simple to apply.

Simply clean the area you want to stick it on to with the alcohol wipe provided, dry well, then peel the white backing from the crystals, stick them on to your skin, hold down for 10-15 seconds, peel off the film, and then press again, and the crystals should be stuck.

Apparently, with a bit of care, your Vajazzle should last for 4-7 days – just remember to pat dry after showering, don’t rub, and don’t use oil-based creams or lotions on or around it.

Then when you want to remove it, apply a little baby oil over the crystals and rub in – you can then discard the crystals or keep to use again. Prices vary from design to design – pur little love heart is £4.95, the Flourish design pictured is £13.95, and the lips are £6.95.

If you fancy trying it yourself, then enter our competition to win the lips set pictured above. Follow the rules and you could be a winner!

Vajazzle Compeition

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Good Luck!

Vajazzle Me! And win your own set!

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