October 6th, 2012

I know I said in my previous article I am up for trying anything once, but Vajazzle – ing??? For those not already in the know, vajazzling is the new craze to hit the UK. It’s basically an arrangement of different crystals on your nether regions in the form of hearts and different shapes, using Swarovski crystals. Thanks to a new “Hit” TV series, the craze has been brought to the attention of millions. Reportedly this craze already has a celebrity following, so if it’s good enough for the celebs, it’s good enough for me! This can be done at the beauty salon, or behind closed doors in your own home, where kits can be bought from beauty outlets for around £5.00.

So here I go. Looking through the designs, I decide on a heart shaped crystal one. Ideally this follows your monthly wax so skin is soft and fuzz free. I purchased my kit from an online retailer and used the alcohol wipe provided to wipe the area for vajazzling clear of any moisturizer or residue and the crystals are stuck on in the arranged design. The whole treatment is totally pain free, thank goodness! And cheap and cheerful, especially as some treatments cost in excess of £50.00. So after 20 minutes of negotiating crystals in to the shape of a heart, this is seriously not easy from my angle, and using a mirror really doesn’t help, I finally have something that vaguely resembles a heart. It is strange looking down and seeing the glimmer of diamonds, but I am sure my fiance would enjoy it, or at least give him a laugh! The pack’s instructions do state the crystals can be used on any part of the body, phew!

So personally I reckon the body art would look great on tanned shoulders or backs, especially as I found my underwear was sticking as I walked about. I would recommend going to the salon or enlisting a trusted friend to help with the application, and perhaps keep it for occasions when going commando is an option. It definitely brings out your naughty side! Reading the instructions on the pack, it says it lasts between 2 and 5 days. So as the sun comes out and we don the lovely trends of the season, we can adorn our bodies with glitz and glamour. After all, “Diamonds are a girls best friend”!



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