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May 2nd, 2011

You guys! over 75 people entered to win the three Vajazzleville vajazzle kits I’m giving away! This blows my friggin’ mind!

Added to my list of “have-done” life activities: convincing OVER 75 PEOPLE that it’s a pretty good idea to GLUE RHINESTONES TO THEIR VULVAE! to get a little perspective on how many people that is, imagine the last Supper six friggin’ times. except everyone’s got Disco Crotch.

Basically all I’m saying here is that this might be the greatest thing I’ve ever done, and I love all of you for getting on-board with the weirdness and fun of vajazzling. I’d like to give sloppy platonic make-outs to all of you, but I can only give vajazzle kits to a lucky three.

To choose the winners, smacked all the competitors’ names in an Excel spreadsheet (like it’s my job. which it actually kind of it.) and used to choose three winners.

Winner! #53: Tara Melissa, who said: “I want to try it because it sounds hilariously awesome. my boyfriend and cat, however, are ambivalent.”

Personally, pets’ indifference to the state of my vulva is one of the primary attributes I value in them. But to each her own. in this case: her own brand-new sparkly vulva.

Winner! #40: Chelsea, “need need need them (and I don’t say need)…and do you want to know why I need them. well I recently had my (4 year) engagement broken off, I have a broken heart & my life is in a state of flux & I think my vagina & I would benefit from a little beautifying and what better way to do so than to get my VAJAZZLE on!!”

Winner! #58: Svastik, “I’ve been studying abroad this semester and I can’t wait to go back home in less than four weeks to my long-term boyfriend.. and while we already figured that this summer we’ll do everything we’ve never done sex-related (e.g. fornicate during a Metallica concert), I’m guessing a dazzling vajazzle kit would pretty much be the (sparkly) cherry on top ^_^”

As a victory cry, “Now I’m going to fornicate at a Metallica concert!” beats the hell out of, “I’m going to Disneyland!” any day of the dang week.

Thanks for entering, loves, and congratulations to the winners! I expect y’all to report back here after you’ve tried the goods! But, uh, probably not with pictures.

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Vajazzle Kit Winners!

Vajazzle Kit Winners! « Vajazzle

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