Vajazzle… Another Female Fad?

May 16th, 2011

The latest craze taking the Country by storm , and tempting empty women everywhere, involves having your private areas decorated with specialized body crystals – it is called Vajazzling.

The fad has been endorsed by the public intellectual, Jennifer love Hewitt, who said that her special lady shines just like a disco ball . Call me a square , but as a male , I do not find the idea of discovering a disco ball in a girl’s pants to be a turn on . in fact, it’s quite an disturbing thought – rather like something from a David Lynch film . Vajazzling was recently seen on the cultured television programme , “The only way is Essex”. Subsequently , classy women all over the country are queuing up in droves to get their twats glittered.

Presumably, the main reason you Vajazzle yourself is to surely make your vagina more aesthetically pleasing to the opposite sex (apparently, the opposite sex have become sick of the sight of standard vagina’s, and want something with a bit more… sparkle?) what most women fail to recognise , is that it does not matter how good your hair is , if your face still resembles Freddie krueger’s armpit.

it is scary enough seeing girls with so much make up on that they have temporarily lost the sense of sight, and smell , but in recent times, females have been trying so hard to make an impression , that their dyed hair is now whiter than their whitened teeth, their skin has turned bright orange, and now their fanny’s are reflective! Please , for the love of men, stop! To be fair , Vajazzle is clearly aimed at the callow and superficial , and should only last as long as the food does in the belly of a size zero supermodel . in the mean time , all men can really do is ridicule, or rejoice.

Vajazzle kits are unfortunately available online .

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Vajazzle… Another Female Fad?

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