Trending: DeeDee Trotter’s gem of a face

August 9th, 2012

Unkind wags have been suggesting that US 400m bronze medallist DeeDee Trotter was wearing a facial version of a vajazzle (a fajazzle?) when she raced on Sunday. for those unaware of what a vajazzle is (where have you been since 2009?) it’s some self-adhesive sparkles that ladies stick on to their depilated pubic mounds. there have also been some daring attempts to market “pejazzles” for gentlemen, but let’s move swiftly on.

Trotter calls her face-paint-and-glitter combos "war paint". She sported sparkles at the women’s 400m finals in the US and, after qualifying for the Olympic squad, she told the NY Post: "This is a mild version. This is just the beginning." She also said it was waterproof and "sweat-proof, too".

So for anyone who is confused, a vajazzle is unpleasant undercarriage bling that perpetuates unrealistic grooming standards. what DeeDee Trotter wears is cool and her way of standing out in a crowded arena. (The other? Winning medals, doofus.)

Trending: DeeDee Trotter’s gem of a face

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