TOWIE’S Amy Childs reveals her thoroughly modern attitude

December 6th, 2011

It’s All About Amy… and the divinely dim Ms Childs is busy outlining her thoroughly modern attitude to her supersonically gay cousin Harry.

“So what?” she squeals. “Doesn’t bother me.” Amy dear… it’s 2011. it doesn’t bother anyone.

Warming to her cutting-edge theme, the ­vajazzle girl adds: “I wouldn’t care if Harry was mr Blobby.” if only! Blobby’s a better ­conversationalist.

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Welcome to Channel 5’s latest attempt to turn a temporary fad into a lasting ­phenomenon. From TOWIE to eternity.

Funnily enough, it could have worked… if they hadn’t opted for the clapped-out format that Peter Andre, Jordan and Kerry Katona have done to death.

But here we go again. Trumped-up hectic ­schedules, alleged paparazzi frenzies, minor awards ceremonies, pointless activities just for the ­cameras… and soul-destroying photo-shoots.

Thrilled to have joined the celebrity ­calendar elite, Amy gasps: “Britney, Justin Timberlake… and now me!”

Then she modestly compares her ­departure from The only way Is Essex to Robbie ­Williams leaving Take that.

Careful Amy… you may be riding for a fall. Prepare to crash-land.

TOWIE’S Amy Childs reveals her thoroughly modern attitude

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