TOWIE stars Sam and Billie Faiers’ cosmetic dentist reveals secrets behind their perfect smiles

April 10th, 2012

Now viewers are being inspired to brush up on their smiles after seeing the reality stars’ gleaming teeth.

Cosmetic Dentist Genevieve Keane from the start Smiling clinic in Brentwood, Essex, looks after many of the TOWIE girls’ gnashers.

Here, she gives us the low-down on getting that picture-perfect smile.

Genevieve says: “I particularly like TOWIE newcomer Georgina Dorsett’s teeth. I think she has cared for them very well.

“She possibly had orthodontics when she was younger, plus she’s had them whitened. She is blessed with a beautiful smile.

“Billie and Sam Faiers both have great teeth too. the majority of the TOWIE crew have polar white teeth from whitening services and it is often accentuated by their dark tans.

“Before you proceed with any dental cosmetic procedures you need to ensure your teeth and gums are in optimum condition.

“We always advise patients to come for a free dental consultation and then a hygienist appointment, where their teeth will be cleaned, scaled and polished. you should try to have these every three months to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Bite of all right … Georgina Dorsett and Jessica Wright show off their white gnashers

“If you don’t have healthy teeth, any procedures you have will never last. If you have, say, veneers, instead of lasting from 15 to 20 years they will only last for five if you have a receding gum line.

“Our most popular treatment for the TOWIE look is whitening. we advise our younger patients to have the at-home whitening service.

“This isn’t as strong as the in-house service, laser whitening.

It costs around £390 for the take-home kit. This comprises syringes of peroxide bleach that are injected into a special mould, like a gum shield, that fits over the teeth. the patient wears this for one or two hours a day. It is a popular quick-fix treatment.

“Whitening should only ever be provided by a qualified dental practitioner. Don’t be fooled by ultra-cheap services as they could be practising illegally and not providing an effective or safe product.

Finding out the tooth … Cosmetic Dentist Genevieve Keane reveals TOWIE girls’ smile secrets

“If young clients come to us asking for veneers, we tend to put them off because of their age. we don’t want to compromise the health of their teeth – you can get straight and even teeth without going down the veneer route.

“We advise them to have other treatments such as braces. There are so many that are inconspicuous these days, where they are clear in appearance or hidden behind the back of your teeth.

“Another simple but effective service is where we use composite (poly-resin) to build up teeth so they are all the same level. however, they must be maintained, as they can discolour or chip over time.

“Other popular teeth treatments for the TOWIE look include the Inman Aligner.

“This is a unique way of straightening crooked teeth with a removable brace that fits behind the teeth. It takes an average of six to 16 weeks to achieve excellent results.

“You can pop it out whenever you need to, so it’s perfect if you have a hot date. Holly Willoughby recently tweeted pictures of her aligner brace in a bid to improve her smile.

“The Inman Aligner is a cheaper alternative to get crooked teeth into shape quickly and easily. the only downside is it may affect your speech slightly for a few days, plus it can be sore or uncomfortable, but it will settle.

“This teeth-straightening service would cost around £1,400 and has fantastic results.”

TOWIE stars Sam and Billie Faiers’ cosmetic dentist reveals secrets behind their perfect smiles

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