TOWIE saw Lydia Bright get close to new boy Ricky Rayment

February 23rd, 2012

The boys and the girls split up in Sunday night’s TOWIE, with Joey, Mario, Arg and Diags heading to Mick’s caravan in Southend while Jess, Lydia, Chloe, Cara, Billie and Georgina hosted a Hawaiian-themed bikini party.

Arg was mortified at the thought of Lydia being ogled by unknown men in her bikini and his fears were confirmed when Chloe sent Joey a picture of the group all enjoying themselves in an array of lurid and revealing swim costumes.

Lydia and Ricky get cozy in the hot tub

The girls quickly took things to the jacuzzi, where they gossiped about new season 4 addition Ricky, with Lydia singing his praises.

Later, with the hot tub to themselves, the pair plotted a New York trip together, suggesting Lydia is more than ready to move on from her long term relationship with Arg.

Georgina clears the air with Lucy

Elsewhere Mario ordered Lucy a Sing-a-gram, Georgina apologised to Lucy over the sexting scandal and Lauren Goodger opened up about her insecurities over her weight.

The girls discuss new boy Ricky

Amy Childs and Harry Derbidge recently said that the show has stopped being fun and funny and, for perhaps the first time ever, I agree with them. if TOWIE is to secure a fifth season it will need to come up with some fresh storylines and new catchphrases, with the vajazzle term now so overused and dull they may as well be talking about ham.

Lydia certainly seemed to be enjoying her new found singledom

TOWIE saw Lydia Bright get close to new boy Ricky Rayment

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