TOWIE: Reem All About It made you proud to be British

October 4th, 2011

TOWIE’s gives us November’s ‘Unchained Melody’ look (Picture: ITV)

One day when we’re old, wrinkly and incontinent there will come a time when our grandchildren look up at us wide-eyed and expectant, and ask: ‘Grandpa, where were you when Amy Childs gave her first vajazzle?’

‘Where were you when Joey Essex first made up that word that no-one actually uses, however hard ITV2 try and force it into the common vernacular?’

TOWIE: Reem all about it attempted to pre-emptively answer these timeless questions with a thoughtful retrospective of all the moments from the series to date that historians will come to mark as milestones in the history of the human race.

That time Arg went to Weightwatchers. that moment Nanny Pat brought the bread pudding. when Amy said ‘shut up’. those tans. those fake boobs. that series.

There were plenty of tears along the way as Kirk, Lauren, Lydia, Maria, Amy et al remember the moment their hastily-scripted relationships broke up, on television.

Denise Van Outen was our guide on this thought-provoking tour, peppering her narration with examples of her masterful wit, including the side-splitting: ‘How many Essex boys does it take to change a light bulb? None, they’re too busy getting a spray tan and doing their hair!’

Roll on series three TOWIE, my mind is slowly withering without a weekly dose of this high calibre repartee.

TOWIE: Reem All About It made you proud to be British

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