TOWIE Pair Go Shiny White

June 18th, 2012

TOWIE’S Little Chris and Mario Falcone are looking all-white after getting their teeth whitened before heading to Marbella.

The boys were pictured visiting the LoveLite White clinic in London’s Harley Street.

It was the second time that Chris has had the £300 procedure in the last month. He requested that his teeth looked “really bling” because there are different shades of whiteness available and he wanted his to be as bright as possible.

Chris Drake and Mario fly to Spain on Wednesday to film the Marbella special with other stars of the hit ITV2 show. they travelled to the clinic in Mario’s £110,00 Audi R8.

A friend said:  “everyone is really excited about Marbs – and they are making sure they are looking the business before they hit the beach.

“Chris is really keen to get in shape. He has taken on a personal trainer and is really blinging it up with his teeth. they are currently whiter than a blizzard at a ski resort!”

Teeth whitening has been the fastest growing beauty treatment for the last three years.

The boom has been sparked by the stars of the only way is Essex and other big names such as the X Factor’s Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan getting their teeth whitened.

Americans have routinely used whitening for years – but the trend has only become big in Britain in the last five years. LoveLite’s owner Donnamarie (corr) McBride said: “Chris’s teeth were quite yellow when he first came to us.

“we whitened them just over a month ago.  you have to be very careful what you eat and drink for three days after the procedure and have what we call a white-through.

“Chris hadn’t been as careful as he could be so he came again.

“there are different shades of whiteness depending on just how white your teeth are naturally.

“Chris’s teeth are naturally very white and he went for the maximum shade of whiteness – it is really bling.

“Mario’s teeth were in better shape than Chris’s and we were able to give him a nice shade of white with his first procedure.” LoveLite have also whitened the teeth of Towie stars Jessica Wright and Lauren Pope.

They offer the UK’s only de-sensitising system where a whitening gel is applied to the front teeth. the gel is activated using a light emitting diode which allows it to penetrate the enamel of the teeth and whiten it .

First time users normally need two to three 20-minute applications.

Most celebrities have a top-up every six months so that their teeth remain shiny white.

Donnamarie added: “Demand is huge – who wants to kiss someone with horrible yellow teeth.

“It’s all happened in the last 20 years or so – starting in America. If you look at movies in the Eighties, there are all sorts of stars with yellow teeth. You’d never see that now. everyone who is famous is getting them done.” you can get more details at

TOWIE Pair Go Shiny White

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