TOWIE make up range hits Superdrug, Vajazzle your FACE!

July 31st, 2011

Remember that time that the Cheeky Girls launched their makeup range in Poundland, or something? Well, we do, because it was amazing. So, imagine our excitement when we heard that the TOWIE makeup range is ready to drop in Superdrug any day now (in October, actually, so you’ve got plenty time to save up your pocket money). Hurrah! Now you can achieve that TOWIE look at home without having to use Mummy’s lippy!

The makeup range is made up of lipgloss for that essential TOWIE pout, an eyeshadow palette in vivid blues (what else) and, of course, a bronzer for that Marbella glow. All emblazoned with the TOWIE logo and photos of the TOWIE ladies, whose names we’ve forgotten, so we’ll just call them all Erica. the range will retail for £6-£8 in Superdrug, a dizzy height the Cheeky Girls could but dream of. Excitingly, there’s a vajazzle kit! That’s right; you, too, can vajazzle your vajajay ‘til you’re blue in the face and sparkly in the pants! It’s made with Swarovski crystals, so it’s classy. Creator of the range, Adam Minto of FB Beauty, said: “We worked closely with the TOWIE team to create the gift range and believe that each of them captures the spirit of the programme and the personalities involved.” That’s nice, Adam.

This range will probably sell like hot cakes to tween girls and confused boyfriends in search of a last minute gift, which is probably their target market, because we know very few grown women who wear glittery lipgloss. but, if you would like to look like the Ericas off of TOWIE, then good for you! there will also be a TOWIE fragrance, which we think will smell like fake tan, Malibu and acrylic nails. Yum!

TOWIE make up range hits Superdrug, Vajazzle your FACE!

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