TOWIE: Is that a tail between your legs we can see? Amy Childs wants back in on the show!

August 5th, 2012

Former The only way Is Essex star, Amy Childs, has revealed that she is open to a return to the show that made her famous, despite quitting it in search of bigger, better things.

Childs appeared on the first two series of the hit ITV2 reality show as the bubbly beauty therapist responsible for the dawn of the vajazzle era. however, when by the end of her last series, she was no longer being considered one of the main characters, she jumped ship in order to pursue new projects to enhance her career.

First there came an appearance on Celebrity big Brother followed by her own reality fly on the wall show, It’s All about Amy, which flopped and was axed after only one series.

Since then she has been pretty much under the reality radar, apart from the odd article here and there about her numerous cosmetic procedures, and so with all this in mind it would seem she has ordered a slice of humble pie from the reality TV menu and admitted that she was perhaps a bit hasty in believing that she was bigger than TOWIE.

According to Digital Spy, the red-haired salon owner has declared: “I love reality,” and admitted that she would certainly consider returning to her Essex roots, even if it was only for a reunion special.

“I’ve always said never say never with TOWIE,” she said. “You never know, if it comes back in ten years again, I could be going back on it.

“TOWIE’s a good show. I wouldn’t go back on it now, but maybe one day the [ex-cast] of TOWIE could come back and I’ll be one of them.”

We aren’t too sure how the producers of the show would feel about that as they have very publicly declared their shunning format of any cast who decide to jump ship, but in the meantime Childs also confirmed that she is currently in the process of a new project with her cousin and former TOWIE co-star, Harry Derbridge, which is wildly rumoured to be a British remake of the Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie reality show, The Simple Life.

With regards to how she believes that TOWIE has helped her in her career, she went on to say:

“I think that we’ve proved to everybody that we’ve done well from being in a reality TV programme.

“We’ve worked hard. It’s not been given to us. All the haters, I think they’re just a bit jel.”

TOWIE: Is that a tail between your legs we can see? Amy Childs wants back in on the show!

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