To Vajazzle or not to Vajazzle? :

August 9th, 2011

If you haven’t heard of the above mentioned term, then I bet you’re wondering what in the world is vajazzle. Wonder no more because I’m gonna tell you exactly what vajazzle or rather what vajazzling is…

According to Jennifer Love Hewitt, vajazzling is adding on some jewels (yes, those bling-bling ones) to your ‘va-jay-jay’. Err…. the first thing that same to my mind when I heard this news was the Bedazzler!

That lil’ embellishing machine which lets you attach rhinestones on various surfaces including clothes and accessories. Well, ladies and gentlemen, this time around, we are talking about a whole new different surface all together. Yep, the surface which is precisely a woman’s “down there”.

Forget about Brazilian waxing…that was soo last year! now, it’s all about vajazzling your vagina. Last month, Jennifer Love Hewitt appeared on George Lopez’ show to promote her new relationship advice book “the Day I Shot Cupid”. while she was at it, she decided to let the whole world know that “after I broke up with my ­boyfriend a friend Swarovski-crystalled my ­precious lady and it shined like a disco ball. Women should vajazzle their va-jay-jays!”

In fact, Hewitt even confessed she was wearing the bling during her appearance, “I am currently vajazzled… It’s cute.” And when asked if boyfriend Jamie Kennedy likes her sparkly adornment, the actress replied with a chirpy, “I’ve had no complaints.” if you ever do pick up Jennifer Love Hewitt’s book, don’t miss out on the section called “the Jazzlin” – it’s a whole chapter dedicated to ‘vajazzling’ and why women should bedazzle their vajayjays… hmm… There’s even a website dedicated to vajazzling, where you can check out the video of Hewitt on the George Lopez’ show.

Any-hoo, if you want to read about the first-hand experience of vajazzling, Bryce Gruber of the Luxury Spot gets hers done at the Completely Bare spa on Bond Street, New York.

If you ask me, it does sound pretty interesting and cute to boot. I’m not too sure about the pain factor and how long the sparkles can actually stay on for. the crystals would probably drop off one by one and that wouldn’t look too pretty would it?

Credits to: Vajazzling, The Luxury Spot, Spa Week Blog

To Vajazzle or not to Vajazzle? :

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