this is west: ‘vajazzle’

April 25th, 2011


blazer: topshop
bodycon skirt: zara
brown belt: topshop
t-shirt: H&M
nails: barry m 301
oh god. i really cringe when i see pictures of myself. this was my first attemp of using self timer on my tripod and it’s so difficult. i evidently need practise. (gimme time!) my face looks like i dont have a clue what i was doing.. haha.
last night i dyed my hair to a darker brown and died my hair extentions aswell, it was a bit of a nightmare because my kitten molly loves sitting in the bathroom so i kept finding her in there staring at the mass of hair on the floor in complete fear. everytime i go in the bathroom shes sat behind the toilet. shes so weird! i dont know when i’m going to wear them thought, like i said.. i dont feel comfortable wearing them because i always fear they will look rediculously shit and fake so i’ll have to put a picture up with them in.. maybe i’ll wear them tomorrow night, hurrrm

tonight i’m going to my boyfriends and it’s gunan be so chillllled, gunna watch some fat tv and a film later on. if i’m lucky i might have my tea cooked for me when i get their.. that would be really nice. i’ll start hinting 😉
good news! my friend lauren has moved back to her mum’s so shes only down the road from me now.. so now i might actually get too see her. (was it december?! when i last her!) buts shes been having a really hard time at at moment.. so if you are reading this on ‘yah daddys tinternet’ then i love you and everythings gunna get better soon! (even if you have turned yourself ginger because your a mong)

i watched that ‘joys of teen sex’ last night show that was on tv last night. it was SO funny! there is this bit when this girl decides she wants a ‘vajazzle’ so it shows her on tv having a wax then having this HIDEOUS playboy gem thing stuck on her fanny. the girl interviewing her is stood by the side watching with this bemused look on her face… tormenting her. and it show’d a lad getting his ‘king edward’ pierced, i crossed my legs for him and sat their just thinking OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING.
(then i rewinded sky, video’d it and sent it to my boyfriend) lol
have a good day!

this is west: ‘vajazzle’

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