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May 5th, 2011

Okay, so we know that it’s only been a few days since we traumatized you with Tajazzle, and the last thing we want to do is over-jazzle you in any way, but we feel we’d be remiss in not sharing Rate my Vajazzle with  the world—a NSFW “social networking and entertainment site dedicated to the display and rating of decorated, sparkled, sparkly, shiny, jewel highlighted vaginas.”

As ridiculous as this site is, we totally get why it’s out there. Let’s face it—people who vajazzle are most likely DYING to show off their bejeweled bits to the world. It’s not like they’re decking out their vaginas like Lady Gaga for their health. and the occasional sex partner just isn’t going to provide the kind of audience reaction and vagina validation that a serious vajazzler is seeking.

We’ve learned a lot from Rate my Vajazzle. for starters, we had no idea that the definition of what constitutes a vajazzle is disturbingly varied. Take, for example, the “vajazzalope,” which opens up the world of box bling-ifying to those who don’t even possess a vagina. is this really fair in the world of competitive vajazzling? We don’t think so. but then again, we (in spite of our best efforts) didn’t have a hand in writing the vajazzling rule book either. and given that the category dropdown menu on Rate my Vajazzle includes “bizarre,” “boobazzle,” “cute,” “scary” and “sexy,” it’s clear that, for now, vajazzling is very much a freestyle sport.

The Vajazzle Rating Game

The Vajazzle Rating Game « Vajazzle

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