The TOWIE effect hits pound stores as sales of £1 vajazzles soar

December 24th, 2011

A woman modelling her vajazzles

They were made famous by The Only Way is Essex, but now the popularity of the vajazzle has soared after discount stores started stocking the intimate accessory.

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Poundland launched its £1 Vjazzle this week and the dazzling decoration has proved a must-have for female fans with 8,000 snapped up already.

Vajazzles are crystal ‘tattoos’ that are stuck onto the skin near to very intimate parts of the body.

And the sparkly jewels, sported by Amy Childs and Sam Faiers in the hit ITV2 show, are now so in-demand that the retailer has ordered more stock for January.

Amy Child’s gives Sam Faiers a vajazzle on TOWIE

A vajazzle from a beautician can cost anywhere between £20 and £100, but pound stores started stocking the accessory earlier this month.

And sales figures have shown that the craze for intimate body art has spread far beyond Basildon.

Sales have reportedly gone through the roof in ‘posher’ parts of the country, such as the affluent Stroud store, in the Cotsworlds, and in Sutton Coldfield’s Mere Green store.

Amy Childs has now set up her own salon and is making a fortune from vajazzles

Poundland have sold more than 1,000 vajazzles a day in the run-up to the festive season, with many customers choosing the accessory for their Christmas parties.

Poundland’s beauty buyer said: “The Only Way is Essex has a huge following and it’s clearly a favourite show with our customers; we’re selling over 1,000 Vjazzles every day!

“There is obviously a demand so we will continue to look at increasing the order to meet our customers’ needs.”

TOWIE’s Amy subsequently set up a beauty salon where she has made a fortune from the gems.

The TOWIE effect hits pound stores as sales of £1 vajazzles soar

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