The tough blokes of Essex vow revenge for attack on Sam & Billie Faiers

November 20th, 2011

After this weekend’s super-grim attack on TOWIE sisters Sam and Billie Faiers, the lairy men of Essex have been roused into a big angry froth, issuing a warning of further violence, against the girls’ attackers.

The angry men have ominously declared “You better hope the cops get to you first” presumably whilst stockpiling lead piping and nunchucks, in a darkened room full of pictures of the beleaguered TOWIE girls.

A source told the Daily Star:

“The girls don’t want any more trouble, but some of the local boys around here are far from happy about what happened.

“They see this as an attack on two of their own. if I was one of those responsible I would be very, very nervous.”

Now, we don’t endorse the actions of vigilantes (except Batman OBVIOUSLY) but it must be nice for Sam and Billie to know people care. But still, men of Essex, please don’t go delivering vigilante justice on a girl gang. it is a Bad Idea.

In the meantime, the production people behind TOWIE are concerned that the original attack might encourage more violence to be visited upon the cast, as they earn extra pocket money for vajazzles by doing personal appearances at clubs and they also unfailingly broadcast their itineraries on Twitter. Sam and Billie are said to have employed bodyguards, which is basically the most sensible thing you can do when you’ve been repeatedly kicked in the head for no reason.

The tough blokes of Essex vow revenge for attack on Sam & Billie Faiers

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