The Only Way is RCZ glitz for Peugeot

July 1st, 2012

In celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Peugeot built a one-off version of their sporty RCZ — the diamond-encrusted car was specially commissioned by reality TV show TOWIE.

Stars Cara Kilbey and Billi Mucklow have been driving the RCZ around their Belles & Beaus salon in Buckhurst Hill, Essex, and I met up for a chat and had an exclusive drive in the blingiest car of 2012.

The RCZ is covered in over 81,000 ‘Essex diamonds’ (aka diamante) so it’s not quite as expensive as it looks — but it still gets all the looks.

It’s appropriate that the RCZ was bejewelled to celebrate the Queen’s jubilee — this coupé is very much the jewel in Peugeot’s crown.

It’s the car that started Peugeot’s return to design form, and that is paying off in sales.

The French firm are predicting a successful year after their latest 208 — first driven in Motors last week — received more than 3,000 deposits ahead of hitting showrooms, a record for the company.

Peugeot also revealed last week that their UK market share had risen to 5.1 per cent, up from 4.9 year on year.

This has been boosted by a 30 per cent boom in 107 sales year on year after the model’s facelift, plus a 69 per cent surge in 508 sales.

The RCZ has certainly got two new admirers in the bubbly and brutally honest TOWIE pair Cara and Billi.

The girls are exactly as you find their on-screen characters — and to wind me up, they even sneakily painted my nails in their salon as we spoke.

Cara owns a Mercedes E-Class convertible while Billi drives a Range Rover Evoque, but both would love to own an RCZ — even though this version they claim is the world’s biggest VAJAZZLE (the decoration of a woman’s ‘bits’ with jewels first shown on TOWIE)!

Cara said: “I loved having the RCZ — it’s like a small version of the Audi R8.

“The shape is unusual yet very attractive — the bubble roof is very sexy and your eyes are always drawn to it like a set of boobs or a bum.”

Billi believes the RCZ doesn’t need the diamantes to turn heads, as the coupé shape does that on its own.

She added: “We absolutely love bling. we sell tons of accessories in our salon with similar bejewelled phone cases, mirrors and even hairbrushes. the RCZ looks incredible. we think it’s the world’s biggest vajazzle — but more attractive.”

The girls became pals at nursery and even passed their driving tests within 24 hours of each other.

Now they are hoping to stay in TOWIE and eventually become a female version of Ant and Dec.

Cara added: “I don’t see us ever getting into films. we are quite happy doing TOWIE and running our salon. maybe one day we could do presenting like Ant and Dec — as long as we can afford nice cars then we’ll both be happy.”

Around the roads of Essex in the blazing hot sun, and in among the fake tans, boobs, hair and teeth, the RCZ lit up on the road like Simon Cowell’s smile.

There is an entry-level 1.6litre petrol that is shared with the Mini, a higher-powered turbo version, plus a 2litre turbo diesel. I’d go for the sweet-sounding and lively 200bhp petrol.

Throw in 40mpg from the petrol and over 53mpg from the diesel and you have wallet-friendly performance.

The final lure is the price. It starts at £21,210. If you want to add your own diamantes that will bump up the cost. but the RCZ doesn’t need it — it’s already Peugeot’s king of bling.

The Only Way is RCZ glitz for Peugeot

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