the leg room: Va-jazzle, va-tatt, labioplasty: 3 steps to pimping ‘down there’

April 21st, 2011

Sensationalist?  Moi?  I consider it my duty to bring you dear follower all the latest below-the-waist developments in the beauty world and that now includes embellishment ‘down there’ with va-tatts, va-jazzles and labioplasty – that is, surgery to create a ‘designer vagina’ by primarily making it smaller, which is booming.  a study published in the British Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology in 2009 revealed that there had been an almost 70% increase in the number of women having labiaplasty on the NHS on the previous year. there were 1,118 operations in 2008, compared to 669 in 2007 and 404 in 2006. the medical profession is concerned about this phenomenon because it’s thought that some of the women who are approaching private cosmetic surgery companies for the work (the Harley Medical Group recently revealed that they received more than 5000 applications for labioplasty in 2010, 65% of which for labial reduction, the rest for tighting and reshaping) are depressed or on medication, and having operations without preliminary alternative psychological therapy.  Women who go to private companies for labioplasty are often seeking purely cosmetic changes and doctors are concerned that in doing so they are placing themselves at risk in a growing industry that is largely unregulated. Research done at King’s College London suggests that the so-called ‘pornification’ of modern culture may be behind soaring labioplasty rates – there is more pornographic imagery available than ever thanks to the internet, and researchers at King’s have linked this to the motivations of women seeking surgery.  It’s the last frontier really, the last part of the body you would consider changing, but because we have much greater access to porn it’s somehow more acceptable and easier for women to compare themselves to celebrities who may have had labioplasty.  Most of the women seeking surgery are under 30, and it’s thought they are having it under the mistaken impression that it will solve psychological problems like body dysmorphic disorder, and make them perfect.  Perfect. There’s that unforgiving word again.  I’m not sure whether to end this post on a humorous note or to reiterate the fears I have about how ruthless and intolerant beauty is becoming.  so I think I’ll just stop now and have a cup of tea.

the leg room: Va-jazzle, va-tatt, labioplasty: 3 steps to pimping ‘down there’

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