Team GB kit for London 2012 Olympics designed by Stella McCartney and Adidas launched

March 22nd, 2012
  • Verdict: Luke Leitch, deputy fashion editor:
  • TelegraphIt is slick, patriotic – and at times extremely tight-fitting. The unmistakable angles of the Union Flag are the decorative seam that runs through this enormous collection, that encompasses everything from “Techfit” skin-hugging swimwear to bulky BMX helmets.
  • McCartney’s Olympic contribution certainly looked like extremely stylish sportswear.
  • The red has been removed from the red white and blue of the Union flag, and used instead to provide an emphatic trim to necklines or as a striking block of colour in shinpads and shoes.
  • The identifying flag emblem on the chest of the athletics kit is rendered in two shades of blue, with a subtle pixellating grid running across it.
  • Purely aesthetic touches included a loose belt at the waist of women’s off-duty, Olympic Kit jackets to give the usually lumpen lines of a tracksuit top a flattering silhouette.Read more…

“I love what Stella has done with the design,” said former world champion and Beijing silver medallist Idowu, known for his colourful hairdos.

“Looking good is psychologically important but my sprint suit is also technically advanced, so not only do I look good but I also have confidence in the technology in the kit.”

Team suppliers adidas say their cutting-edge technology will aid muscle movement and slice precious tenths of seconds off times on the track and in the pool.

Video: Kit unveiling

Smith, who became the first Briton to win an individual medal in gymnastics for 100 years in Beijing, provided the highlight of a glitzy launch parade, rising through the floor of the stage with legs outstretched on the pommel horse.

“It looks fantastic, very royal, very patriotic. We want to be very professional but sexy at the same time,” Smith told Reuters before a passing pigeon spattered his skin-hugging suit with droppings.

McCartney, daughter of Beatles great Paul, said she had put the Union flag at the forefront of the design.

“For me it’s one of the most beautiful flags in the world and it was important for me to stay true to that iconic design but also to modernise it and present it in a contemporary way,” McCartney said.

What did the athletes tweet?

Team GB kit for London 2012 Olympics designed by Stella McCartney and Adidas launched

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