Taking the beauty world by storm

November 22nd, 2011

Fresh from making this year’s miss World finalists look even more beautiful, beautician and therapist Stephanie Hall is now celebrating the launch of her own beauty room in Cambridge.

Stephanie Hall at Nutters Beauty

As I arrive for our chat, Stephanie is having her elfin crop highlighted ahead of the grand opening of her new beauty venture.

The impossibly fresh-faced 29-year-old, who lives in St Neots with her husband, has recently taken over a nook of a treatment room at Nutters Hair and Beauty on Victoria Road in Cambridge.

Once perfectly coiffed, she’s not only strikingly pretty, but also has a stack of talents and qualifications that would make anyone feel like a desperate underachiever if she weren’t just so, well, lovely.

After studying Drama and English Literature at Anglia Ruskin University, she fitted in a second degree at Leeds and then, in a bit of a leap, retrained in beauty.

“People say: ‘Ohh you’ve got two degrees and now you’re a beauty therapist?’ as if it’s some kind of step down,” she sighs.

But, when you consider that Stephanie has also honed her skills as a complementary therapist, worked for Estée Lauder and learnt to cope with Behçets syndrome (a very rare condition where the body’s immune system attacks itself), that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

“People have strange ideas about what people are going to be like from what job they do, but I think it is all about what you enjoy,” she says.

Behçets left Stephanie bedridden and then in a wheelchair for several months when she was in her early twenties, and made her re-evaluate her plans: “from having that experience you have a different perspective on what you want from your life and I wanted to enjoy my job and not feel stressed all the time.”

The leap has paid off with Stephanie being one of the select few chosen to do the make-up at this year’s Miss World final at Earl’s Court.

“There were so many lovely ladies, you’d imagine it could have been a bit bitchy with 123 beautiful women from around the world but it wasn’t at all!” Stephanie buzzes.

“And nearly every single girl I spoke to, when I asked what their favourite thing about visiting England was, said Cambridge and punting. not that they could remember what it was, they’d all say: ‘you know that thing, on the boat [miming a pole] – they all loved it, they were like ‘Cambridge is so beautiful’.” 

Surprisingly for a beautician, Stephanie tries to avoid wearing make-up (“It’s a lot of effort every day and if you’ve got nice skin it’s a shame to hide it,”) and is more interested in helping people feel good as well as look great.

“I’m much more into overall general health rather than just doing things to look pretty,” she says, explaining her penchant for doing holistic therapies (particularly reflexology and massage) and Dermalogica facials.

But she isn’t entirely against a good pampering session; she’s just “not all about spray tans and false nails” and laughs: “I’ve got vajazzles on my list because people do ask for them but I’m not a vajazzle queen!”

Building up relationships with clients, helping them progress and making them feel healthier and fully relaxed is what’s really important to her.

“I like the idea that people will come in and feel cocooned in their own little sanctuary and they can walk out feeling like they’ve had a rest,” she explains.

“I like to make other people feel good, I think that’s the nicest thing you can do and when people leave here and they feel good about themselves, I think: ‘That was really nice,’ and most of the time people do, even if it’s a bikini wax!”

To read Stephanie’s blog and find out more about Nutters Beauty visit www.nuttersbeauty.co.uk or call (01223) 359670.


Taking the beauty world by storm

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