Special Bikini Waxing Shapes That Say Something About You?

May 5th, 2012

Why don’t you treat yourself to something a bit more distinctive. Be a bit of a devil for once and choose a bikini waxing shape that could make your lover’s eyes light-up the minute you unveil it. Of course, we are speaking about the range of out of the ordinary bikini waxing shapes many women favor these days. Be it a heart on Valentine’s day, a diamond for your wedding anniversary or perhaps the anniversary of the very first time your spouse saw your private parts. for your wedding day, you could potentially have your new initials or your lover’s initials as a bikini waxing shape. no matter what reason you manage to come up with, go wild and try to make your bikini waxing shape extraordinary. To help with this, nowadays you can even buy stencils and stencil kits. So if you’re waxing at home, you don’t have to compromise your artistic integrity because the stencils will help you cover up the hair in the design you want and leave the left-overs totally free for you to wax at home using your favorite IPL solution.

And what about colour? Many women are now carrying things one stage further and having the remaining hair they have made the decision to keep, dyed an interesting colour to mark whatever special event they have managed to come up with. Be it pink for Valentine’s, green for St Patrick’s Day or red and green for Christmas. Pink hearts, silver diamonds, red or green arrows to help direct your partner to the correct place – as if they were in need of any kind of guidance there is just one word of caution, if you are creating your own bikini waxing shape by waxing at home, please don’t apply hair colour designed for use on the head. It will be far too harsh for this sensitive location and coloring could well be better off being carried out by an expert.

Don’t quit with shape and colour though, lately it’s not merely about a bikini waxing shape. you can now glue on gems and crystals in many different sizes and shapes, colours and designs – the official term is vajazzling. It could certainly turn out to be a wonderful finishing touch to put the final sparkle to your bikini waxing shape.

Regardless of what you select, the very best thing will be the naughty little ‘I have a secret’ feeling you will get strutting down the street. you know exactly what is hidden under your clothing but nobody else does and this is priceless: along with the look on your partner’s face the first time you get something just a little distinctive done. Scrumptious.

Special Bikini Waxing Shapes That Say Something About You?

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