So this is how it is?: Vajazzle???

April 19th, 2011

My hand is much better, but still too wrapped to make typing easy.  It is many beautiful colors from purple and red to yellow and green.  Lots of bruising along with the slashes and gashes.  but it is healing, and there is no infection, so I am happy with the progress.  I can get it wet now.  For the first week I had to keep it dry.  have you ever tried to wash your hair with only one hand?  It’s not easy, and I have A LOT OF HAIR.  Thankfully, I can use both hands now as long as I’m careful.  The major league oral antibiotic (AMOX TR-K CLV 875-125 MG TAB) has presented me with the normal side effects — a queasy stomach.  so what else is new?  well, how about that wonderful vaginal yeast infection. so I’ve added yogurt and Diflucan to my health regimen.  And so once again my world is made better through chemistry.

Actually, the only reason I’m trying to post today is that I have discovered a new and disturbing trend — Vajazzle.  Apparently, this is something Jennifer Love Hewitt started and it’s spreading like wildfire; at least among those with lots of disposable income and little to no modesty.  well, I guess a flat stomach should also be considered a requirement, but somehow I doubt that obesity will stop some people from jumping on this particular bandwagon.  what is Vajazzle, you ask?  Jewelry for your vagina.  no, this is not a joke.  yes, people are actually spending money to dress up their hootchie.  Here’s a “how to” video to get you started:  

Here are a few more design choices for those of you having difficulty deciding how daring you should go Rate my Vajazzle

Now remember, you MUST use Swarovski Crystals — none of those cheap, imitation stones for your playground.  Thank God I’m too old for this stuff.

So this is how it is?: Vajazzle???

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