Skinny Mamma: Vajazzle – would you/have you??

April 25th, 2011

I came accross the funniest thing today – ok I am sure that most of you already know about this “latest” trend, but it was a shock to me!!

I saw the word Vajazzle and a slight description about decorating your Va-jay-jay – come on admit it you would also be interested to find out what the hell thats all about!

So for those of you who are as uninformed as I was here is a crash course in Vajazzling:

Urban Dictionery has these meanings for the word Vajazzle:

  • To give the female genitals a sparkly makeover with crystals so as to enhance their appearance.
  • to decorate your vag with jewels, thus bedazzling your vagina.”She’s ugly as shit.. but she vajazzles, so it’s okay.”

I tried to find some pictures to show you what a vajazzled vag looks like but as you can expect most of the photos were way too pornographic for my blog! but if you are inquisitve, courageous, perverted or all of the above enough go to (censored – for your safety/sanity!)

They even have a website where you can post a photo of your vajazzled va-jay-jay and people can rate you!! Eeeeeuuuuwwww!!!! can you say KOMMIN!!!

I had to crop the picture a little otherwise you would see her faded labia – she can use the my New Pink Button below to brighten that right up – I mean if you are going to take a photo of your vajazzled vag she has to look at her very best dont you think?

Apparently there is even make up that you can buy for your va-jay-jay, because what girl actually goes out of the house without first powdering her va-jay-jay?

I am sorry but obviously I am either very unobservant or too old fashioned to study my poen but I have seriously never thought of getting a “blusher” for my labia – seriously who the f..k thinks this crap up and what sucker (no offense if you are guilty) buys it??

They actually have a company which distributes all your vajazzle requirements – if you were hoping to be their South African distributor I hate to inform you that according to their website the position has already been filled.

So once you have put the pink back into va-jay-jay with my New Pink Button you can make sure that she is hairfree and use one of the vajazzle swarovsky crystal designs to jazz up your vag and then if you are really brave/commen/drunk enough why not get rated on the pornographic and disgusting rating website.

Its true what they say – EVERY DAY IS A SCHOOL DAY!!!

Skinny Mamma: Vajazzle – would you/have you??

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