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July 4th, 2012

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Old friends Pauline Quirke, Linda Robson and Lesley Joseph are reunited in the new touring production of Birds of a Feather.

A spin-off of the popular TV show, which started in 1989, the programme followed the laughs, love and losses of sisters Sharon Theodopolopodous and Tracey Stubbs who were united through the shared anguish of their partners being in prison. their love/hate friendship with their promiscuous, gold-digging neighbour Dorien Green provided tongue-in-cheek laughs a plenty.

the stage version of the show is true to form and does not disappoint. the 2012 birds are much the same; Sharon is workshy, has been sacked from a job at LIDL and has dramatically lost weight due to a gluten intolerance, Tracey is a devoted Mum to Travis, but has lied to him and told him that Dad Darryl has died as she is ashamed of his criminal past, and hypocritical Dorien has divorced husband Marcus for adultery, and is now running a retirement home for the wealthy elderly.

the production uses projected film to cover scene changes and add a filmic quality. These include a Benny Hill-style erratic drive from the girls

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