Plan B-line for Sam

February 24th, 2012

PLAN B wasn’t performing this year so it meant he could keep an eye on the ladies.

So it wasn’t too much of a surprise when he made a beeline for one of the Towie lot at the Warner Music do.

The rapper stuck to the reality show’s Sam Faiers like he was one of her vajazzle crystals when she turned up at the posh bash. A source said: “The two of them were completely inseparable for about an hour.

“He only had eyes for Sam and kept whispering in her ear, while she couldn’t stop giggling.”

Don’t suppose he was entertaining her with his knowledge of nuclear physics.

TINIE Tempah is so into his male grooming that he managed to fit in a manicure before the ceremony. and Jessie J got to see his gleaming nails close up at the Universal party at the Tate Modern.

LABRINTH is adamant his brief camera-stealing moment was purely unintentional.

The producer got in the way of Brits host James Corden while he was doing a live TV link.

Labrinth said: “It was an accident. I was chilling out, walked through the room and suddenly I was on TV with James.”

Plan B-line for Sam

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