Now, celebs post sans-makeup pictures online

June 18th, 2012

Lady Gaga’s ‘normal’ picture posted on her microblogging page turned many heads. Fans wondered how the Mother Monster decided to do without the voluminous layers of make up and mascara, and go public with the look. Image, after all, is everything.

as is wont with any trend, a slew of celebrities followed suit. Most notably, Rihanna, Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi, Kim Kardashian, Nicole Scherzinger, Katie Price and Annalyne McCord. Demi Lovato called the picture she posted the “Dominic Purcell-look,” after her boyfriend, who she said encourages her to flaunt her natural beauty. Russell Brand posted a make up-free snap of ex-wife Katy Perry. the Bollywood brigade took cue with Sonakshi Sinha and Sonam Kapoor posting personal pictures as well.

Social media has become a place for stars not just to interact with their fans but also allow them to see a part of them that’s personal and intimate. Principal media analyst Brian Solis said this about the fascination of such photos from Hollywood: “It’s human nature. There’s a level of mystique to celebrity, and social media can either add to it or take away from it. more celebrities are realising this and jumping on the au naturel-twitpic bandwagon.”

make up expert Marvie Beck feels that this trend will surge in time. she says, “I think it’s great that celebrities are giving their fans a glimpse at their natural look. Though it’s more of a Hollywood phenomenon, I feel that a lot of our actresses will follow suit. Kareena has flawless skin and looks fabulous even without make up. however, I don’t expect them to attend an event or be seen in the public eye sans their greasepaint. I feel the reason behind putting up such pictures is to let people know that even though they are celebrities, they too are normal human beings like us.”

make up artist Clint Fernandes adds, “I don’t think many of our Bollywood actors are that daring. A few like Priyanka, Sonam and Sonakshi have put up their no make up photos. But on the whole, even male actors don’t leave the house without their make up, even if it is to go to the shop to buy something. however, I feel the trend is a way of letting fans realise that celebs are real people as well, and there is a regular part to them like all of us.”

Now, celebs post sans-makeup pictures online

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