New cast for TOWIE as the ‘female Mark Wright’ joins the show

January 11th, 2012

Georgina with her mates Rochelle and Vanessa from The Saturdays

Sugar Hut might have to put some new names on the guest list, because the cast of TOWIE is apparently set to expand masisvely with a whopping 12 new members. The news follows the departure of Mark Wright (to go on I’m a Celebrity), Kirk Norcross (to go on Celebrity big Brother) and Maria Fowler and Harry Derbridge (to go to… the tanning booth). Names set to join the cast include Arg’s nan, Nanny Brighton, who appeared in the Christmas Special last year, and is mates with Nanny Pat (Nanny Pat clearly pulled some strings) and Georgina Dorsett, who’s a good mate of Rochelle Wiseman and Vanessa White from The Saturdays (who might have tried to pull some strings, but no-one’s as in as Nanny Pat). Georgina lives in Essex, but apparently doesn’t actually know any of the cast, which, er, seems a bit odd and might prove a bit awkward when she’s dancing around with them at Nu Bar/ snogging them. According to ‘insiders’ who presumably sit in the corner at Sugar Hut wearing moustaches, it hasn’t been worked out yet how Georgina will be worked into the storylines.

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The insider (possibly while twiddling said moustache) said that Georgina had ‘really impressed producers’.”She will become one of the main characters in the new series,” they added. “She is like a female Mark Wright. Girls really like her and she is a tough old cookie who doesn’t take any nonsense.”

Georgina is th female Mark Wright, though her arms are less beefy

Look we’re worried Georgina’s a bit shy for this

That seems an odd description since Mark Wright takes loads of nonsense. oh wait, we mean talks loads of nonsense. as you were.

Maria Fowler announced that she was leaving the show recently

Georgina and Nanny Brighton will apparently be joined by a new family which includes ‘hunky lads and three sexy girls’ (and there was us expecting some intellectuals and eco-warriers). But having all these new characters does mean that the current cast will have to up their game with plenty of pushing boyfriends in pools/ break-ups/ male wearing of Ugg boots etc.

“Producers have always said they want to keep the show fresh,” says the insider type – who we BET has a vajazzle. “That means bringing in new characters and looking at established cast who have new directions in their lives. these new cast members will really shake the show up and give it new edge.

“Viewers love the older characters so the new mum and dad in the family will be fun. But it means the current cast can’t be complacent and have to up their game to compete with them. Nobody’s place in the show is guaranteed.”


New cast for TOWIE as the ‘female Mark Wright’ joins the show

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