Netflix, Pinterest and Instagram go down at once. What’s a hipster to do?

July 3rd, 2012

Earlier today, as I was attempting to show a friend an Instagram image of my cat getting out of a bag (yes, I’m afraid it’s true), I found myself frustrated by a distinct lack of onscreen action. After cursing my phone for a good few minutes, I did a quick google search for ‘is Instagram down?’ only to find out not only that it was down, but that it was a whole lot worse than that…

Not only was Instagram dead as a sepia-tinged dodo: Pinterest and Netflix were down too, and had been for several hours. The reason for the downtime was a power outage in Virginia, which had taken out Amazon’s “Elastic Compute Cloud“; a hosting service that Amazon offers to thousands of other companies allowing them to buy spare computing resource on the humungous Amazon network.

Unfortunately, these sites are then collectively vulnerable to outage if a large enough event hits Amazon’s servers: in this case severe thunder and lightning along with high winds – and down they all fell. Perhaps God was angry with the amount of ‘coveting’ going on over on Pinterest’s mood boards?

But all has not been lost, and Amazon reported at around 1.50am EST (about 6.50am UK time) that the problems had been fixed and that services on all affected websites should be coming back online shortly. at time of writing Pinterest is back up, but Instagram still appears to be struggling. Netflix appears to be business as usual.

Netflix, Pinterest and Instagram go down at once. What’s a hipster to do?

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