Military Wives Set To Beat X Factor To Top Spot

December 28th, 2011

8:25am UK, Sunday December 25, 2011

Amy Hitchcock, Sky News Entertainment

One of the wives, Sarah Clarke, said: “We’re so proud of our men now they’ve got something to be proud of us for.”

Gareth Malone told Sky News he is shocked but it’s a very timely release.

“This single comes at a time when we’re thinking about Afghanistan and the feeling is – realising sacrifices they’ve made – and not just fatalities but the small sacrifices these women make on a daily basis.”

Their charity song wherever you Are became the fastest selling single in six years.

They sold more in two days than the X Factor winners sold in a week and are tipped to sell a million by Christmas Day.

Leona Lewis topped the Xmas chart in 2006

Another of the wives Jo Millthorpe is astonished. she said: “This time a few months ago we couldn’t have imagined it. it just keeps getting better.”

Mrs Clarke added: “When the choir started the lads had just gone away so we were really low, we needed a pick me up to take out minds off the situation.

“But to end up contender for number one is just way and above anything anyone could have expected.”

For five of the last six years the X Factor winners, Matt Cardle, Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke, Leon Jackson and Shayne Ward hogged the number one spot.

But this year it looks highly unlikely little Mix will manage to hold onto number one for another week to top the festive chart.

In 2009, Rage Against the Machine beat Joe McElderry to number one, and this year Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit was hoping to be the anti-X Factor bid, but the campaign gained little momentum.

Bob the Builder enjoyed his success in 2000

Other contenders hoping to make the top spot this Christmas included the cast of the only Way Is Essex, but they are unlikely to do it – not even with Nanny Pat and their Christmas vajazzle.

The Wombles threw their hats in for novelty value, but they don’t stand a chance against the Military Wives.

Gennaro Castaldo from HMV says that at Christmas anything can happen in the charts.

“You’ve got the party season and feeling nostalgia, it’s the one time of the year that anything can happen in the charts.”

From the sublime with Band Aid’s Do They know It’s Christmas Christmas number one in 1984, 1989 and 2004, to the ridiculous mr Blobby in 1993, the plain stupid Bob the Builder in 2000 to the sentimental Cliff Richard in 1988 with his Misteltow And Wine, we seem to like nostalgia and the novelty from our Christmas chart.

If the Military Wives do it, they will also win the Official Singles Chart Number 1 Award to mark the 60th anniversary of the UK’s Official Singles Chart.

Military Wives Set To Beat X Factor To Top Spot

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