Love Hewitt Vajazzled

May 22nd, 2011

Trying the latest beauty trend this quarter suggests you’ve got to Vajazzle your Vajajay!

Henna might have been the trend for summer 2009 but this year everyone’s jazzing it up with Vajazzle! Trendsetters take note it is the raunchiest buzzword of the minute . Jennifer Love Hewitt started the craze on the US talk Show, Lopez Tonight. “after a breakup, a good friend Swarovski-crystalled my precious lady,” J.L.H remarked , whilst discussing her recent dating book. “It shined like a disco ball, so I have a whole chapter in there about how women should be vajazzling their vajayjays.”

And we agree Jen! What lady would not like a cluster of sparkling , luxury crystals to spruce up her shaven haven ? made out of the most luxurious Swarvskovski Crystals, these tiny jewels are delicately placed in artistic designs on the bikini area. the girls love to sparkle like a jeweled goddess and from what we’ve heard their boyfriends aren’t complaining .

So how do all the rest of us girls get to vajazzle ourselves ? a trip to the beauticians can set us back more than a pound or two and we need to save for that beautiful , little dress to go with the new sparkling secret and sexy shoes . well ladies help is at hand! the glamour business , Glitterati Living, who provide luxury life style management to millionairres and celebs , have opened Vajazzle.ME

the exclusive craze is no longer just for the celebs and we couldn’t be more pleased about it. you can look through and purchase a great selection of different designs from their range of Swarvkovski Crystals. you can vajazzle yourself with a flirtatious flower, a sparkly star or a foxy firework and plenty more, all from your own home. or get creative cytotec no prescription and design your own original crystal design . Each vajazzle lasts up to three days and they are re-usable meaning all you need to do is re-attach with the glue .

So get on trend this summer and shine like a star, get vajazzled at vajazzle.ME

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Love Hewitt Vajazzled

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