Liverpool hair guru Barbara Daley on David Beckham’s icey ambition and why geeks shall inherit the earth.

December 14th, 2011

THE red head is dead declared one top London hairdresser this week who said that since Cheryl Cole’s disastrous experiment last summer clients are reluctant to consider red shades.

Just think how fabulous singer Florence Welch looks. being a redhead can be a commitment which might be too much for some people but done properly and choosing the right shade can also mean really getting yourself noticed.

This week we seem to be in the midst of a North-Scouse divide over Desperate Scousewives. It’s getting mixed reviews locally but outside of the city everyone seems to love it!

We’ve had magazines calling and asking how to create the Desperate Scousewives look. The big and bouncy blow dry and the flicky blow may not be everyone’s idea of the perfect do and lots of us would say we’ve moved on from those styles but not so down south.

Scousewives may not be everyone’s cup of tea but audience figures say lots of people are watching and everyone is talking about it

Now, if only they hadn’t tried to create a Scousewives’ version of the ‘vajazzle’ people’s reactions up here may have been a lot different.

But promoting ‘anal bleaching’ and the ‘Scousebrow’ crossed the line for us.

I’m afraid we won’t be offering either service in our salons.

From one extreme to the other – everyone loved watching Super tiny Animals.

I wouldn’t normally be bothered about pets but suddenly when they are mini-versions, I’m smitten.

Some of the dog clothes were amazing but £4,000 on a dress for your tiny Chihuahua seems a little over the top.

The highlight for me was the Teacup pigs with wellies on. how cute were they?

I just hope that they don’t turn out to grow into normal size pigs like has happened to some people who’ve bought their kids mini versions only to find them growing into a pot-bellied pig and wrecking the garden.

Talk about getting your own back. an American girl who asked her boyfriend to create a Narnia-inspired tattoo on her back instead found he had drawn a pile of poo with flies around it because he found out that she cheated on him with his best friend!

If that’s not a reason to love the one you’re with, I don’t know what is.

We’ve been experimenting with looks for the party season and our favourite is the ‘posh up do’ which is inspired by shows like Downton Abbey and Boardwalk Empire.

If you want to re-create a bang on trend look at this year’s Christmas do go for a classical sleek hair up. Imagine Lady Mary swanning around at one of those ever so posh dinner parties and you’ll get the idea.

LA has always been known for its glitz and glamour but in a controversial move the city of West Hollywood is banning the sale of fur in all shops in the city by September 2013. Could this be the beginning of the end for the fur trade?

It looks like the tides have changed for Victoria and David Beckham. she has just won best Designer at the prestigious British Fashion Awards while if the rumours are to be believed, David’s feet may soon be slipping into some skates – he’s apparently been approached to appear in Dancing on Ice.

Something tells me that might not happen but David needs to do something to keep up with his ultra-trendy wife.

Victoria can do no wrong at the moment but I wish she would stop carrying Harper seven around like a clutch bag. Give yourself a break and buy a pram!

As it’s now December, all those ‘best of 2011’ lists have started coming out and I saw a ‘Men of 2011’ one the other day.

What struck me was the rise of geeky guys.

There was Gareth Malone, who conducts the Military Wives choir and the man himself Daniel Radcliffe.

Ed Sheeran and science guy Brian Cox were on there too.

It looks like the geeks really will inherit the Earth!

Liverpool hair guru Barbara Daley on David Beckham’s icey ambition and why geeks shall inherit the earth.

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