Lauren’s dream: Giving Kate Middleton a spray tan ::

March 12th, 2012

If we see Kate Middleton in Essex in the next few weeks, chances are she’ll be returning to the palace a little bit more… orange than before.on last night’s TOWIE, Lauren Goodger said she’d like nothing more than to get the pale Duchess of Cambridge into her salon and give her a good spray tan.Kate in full Essex garb would definitely be something I’d like to see, and Lauren said:”I wrote a letter to Kate Middleton to come down… I’m joking. I would love her to come down. That would be lovely, amazing. I think she’s stunning. I would love to give her a nice spray tan. give her the Essex look. I’m sure she’ll love it.”It’s not just some far-off dream – chances are that Kate saw the show last night, as she reportedly admitted to some kids at a children’s hospital visit that she loves catching up on all the Essex goings on.a source told the Daily Star:”After a while Kate started talking about TV and told us she watches The only way is Essex.”She has us all laughing, saying she never misses an episode and that Lauren Goodger is her favourite.”If only Amy was around too. She could go for a tan, then to Amy’s for a vajazzle…

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Lauren’s dream: Giving Kate Middleton a spray tan ::

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