Kate Middleton boosts economy by

January 31st, 2012

There will always be people who copy others, but I’m pretty sure most women don’t run out or go online and buy something just because they’ve seen it on someone on tv or in the papers. Maybe very occasionally, but not as a rule. The white stilettos thing is quite funny, because I remember a time when any white shoes were considered a dreadful faux pas, yet HM the Queen regularly wore white shoes with almost all her summer outfits. I presume no one had the nerve to tell her she was committing a fashion sin! Maybe Kate will yet turn up in a pair of white stilettos? As for fake tan, I think the credit for its popularity can be shared between the Towie cast and the Middleton sisters, since tan seems to be their favourite shade of skin colour. big hair? – hmm, another tie, I think, since Kate is probably as famous for her hair as anything else and the Towie girls seem to have lots of tumbling locks (I quite like lots of hair, but as Kate has found, it can be hard to control on a windy day).

– Iseult, Cambridge, 30/1/2012 17:15

Kate Middleton boosts economy by

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