Kate Middleton boosts economy by

February 24th, 2012

Starting a craze: This Essex-inspired vajazzle design shows just how much influence TOWIE has on sales

Vajazzleme.me reported a boost in sales of 400 per cent

Sally Hansen’s fake tan sales have increased by 89 per cent

The eyewear essential – also seen on Desperate Scousewives has seen sales rise by 249 per cent since TOWIE started in 2010

Nailene has seen a boost of 567 per cent since the reality TV show’s cast started using them

‘Big hair’ hair dryers have been snapped up by 51 per cent more people at Argos

Essex girls are making these acceptable footwear again. Lovehighheels.co.uk has seen a 33 per cent increase

Sales of sexy underwear at Peacocks have risen by 73 per cent

Kate Middleton boosts economy by

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