JLo is nude (save for some strategically placed gems) and smack bang in the middle of a celebrity trend

July 22nd, 2012

Jennifer Lopez may have topped Forbes Most Influential Celebrity List 2012, but the singer isn’t about to rest on her laurels quite yet.

Oh no, JLo is back at work and singing up a storm in Newark, New Jersey this weekend. Which is nice.

But what is REALLY nice (read shocking) is that the love Don’t Cost A Thing singer appears to have taken style advice from none other than ex-TOWIE star Amy Childs.

Though technically Amy copied Katie Price, who copied Britney Spears, who copied any other celebrity who has ever slung on a sheer bodysuit, stuck on some strategically placed gems – and bagged themselves some guaranteed publicity in the process…

What do you make of the Body Vajazzle (Bazzle?). is it to your taste? is it in poor taste? Oh, and which star pulls off the starkers yet sparkly look best?


1] JLo: First up, it’s JLo looking J-woah

JLo tops 3am’s Celebrity Phwoarbes List – but, um, why is there a mattress behind her?RexAND WHY IS THIS MAN GRABBING HER (albeit vajazzled) CROTCH!?RexNB JLo also flashed her J-WOAH abs, well, you would, wouldn’t you?Rex

2] Amy Childs

Nothing wrong with those babies is there?Getty 

Amy Childs launched her own line of Hair Vajazzle kits at a special photoshoot back in may. she wore the above to celebrate the momentous occasion. Ah those were the days…

3] Katie Price

Katie (Jordan) Price launched her Precious love perfume wearing something similar too. she may have added a silk train drivers hat (no, we’re not either) but three’s a trend and all that (va)jazz…

Katie Price launches her perfume Precious LoveSplash Katie Price launches her perfume Precious LoveSplash

2]  Britney

Britney Spearheaded (thank you very much we’re here all week try the veal) the trend waaay back though – slipping on a sparkly all-in-one Bazzle Suit for her Toxic video. Which you can watch, for fun, below…

Britney Spears in music video of ToxicYouTube

1] Robert Pattinson

Okay, Robster (can we call you Robster? No? Okay) Pattinson hasn’t actually worn a Bazzle Suit (we can but dream) but his character Edward Cullen DOES go all sparkly in the sun, in some film called Twilight.

Which basically gives us ample excuse to pop in a gratuitous shot of a nude R-Pattz. who, incidentally, isn’t sparkly in this picture – it’s from his new film Cosmopolis – but he is naked, so let it slide, yeah!?

Mmm twinkly Twilight man…Entertainment One 

Neow, neow, neow-y oh (it’s Britney’s Toxic)

JLo is nude (save for some strategically placed gems) and smack bang in the middle of a celebrity trend

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