ITV’s The Only Way Is Essex could get soap status and air 48 weeks a year

July 28th, 2011

The show claims to portray ‘real people in modified situations, saying unscripted lines but in a structured way’.

These’modified situations’ often take the form of pool parties, offering thecast an opportunity to show off their ‘modified’ tans and chest sizes.

The now infamous local club Sugar Hut is a popular haunt.

Bling rules: Beautician Amy Childs applies a ‘vajazzle’ to cast mate Sam Faiers in a typical TOWIE scene

However the greatest comedy often occurs when the cast are taken out of their comfort zones.

Ina classic episode, some of the cast spend the night ‘glamping’ (glamorous camping), during which their total ineptitude provided some of the best moments of the whole series.

AdorableJoey Essex, one of the newer cast members, showed up in orange ‘male uggs’. these were met with ridicule by his new girlfriend Sam Faiers, despite his protestations that they were ‘reem’.

Therewas also a tense scene when it appeared that Sam’s overnight luggage (which essentially amounted to everything in Essex that was pink, roughly 15 bags’ worth) wasn’t going to fit in Joey’s smart car.

Amy Childs, 21, who runs a beauty salon, has become a paparazzi favourite, noted for her bold fashion choices.

Sheis clearly comfortable with the attention, and has boasted: ‘People used to tell my best friends that I would be famous one day.’

Shehas said of her ‘courageous’ style, which she models on that of her idol and lookalike Katie Price, ‘I’m a pimp. I’ve always worn clothes like this.’

ITV’s The Only Way Is Essex could get soap status and air 48 weeks a year

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