Ibiza Gossip Girl Ch. 7 – Beaches, West End and We Love

July 29th, 2011

Lady GG back with more flow flow.

Well well well, what a contrasting weekend I’ve just experienced. I’ve some friends over at the moment and (any worker will agree with me on this) juggling the role of tour guide, party host, whilst maintaining completing your workload, is no mean feat. Sleep’s for the weak right?! What I love about my friends is that they’re game, and up for anything, so I decided to give them a right good old Ibiza mix up.

The beaches we’ve covered so far include Playa Den Bossa, Cala Gracio in San Antonio, Talamanca and Figurettes in Ibiza Town, and then Cala Jondal for a spot of luxury bathing at Blue Marlin. The champagne quaffing turned the girls off Blue Marlin a little, you need to be prepared it’ll cost you for its idyllic-ness, and if you want a sun lounger, make sure you book in advance else you’ve got no chance. My quick witted best mate came out with a classic line as we observed the fake boobs, Louis Vuitton and Fendi bags and guessed how many girls were sporting a vajazzle under their designer thongs ‘they can smell the poverty from us…’ so we upped and left to get ready for dum dum duh – a Night in the West end.

Now this I haven’t done for quite some time I confess. When we arrived in San Antonio it was gone midnight and the strip was rammed. Loud, drunken and heated with PR’s offering ridiculous promotions to be coaxed into their watering hole, our first port of call was 70’s, 80’s and 90’s Bar. We bought a drink each and got two shots free, which were of the luminous slush puppy variety. God knows what they consisted of, but we devoured them none the less. The music seemed to remain in the 90’s era, I remember hearing the Backstreet Boys and five, and then some old skool club classics, I confess I requested Abba and the Bee Gees, the DJ played neither. I also confess I ended up round the pole in front of the decks – I blame the slush puppy shots…

We next popped into Ground zero, Ibiza’s long standing rock and indie club, there was another pole here so, well you can imagine. The atmosphere at Ground zero is always highly entertaining with friendly personable bar staff and, like most bars in the West end, cheap drinks. The air con was a blessing as the place was packed; the DJ seemed to have forgotten half of his records mind, as he rotated Kasabian, the Arctic Monkeys, and the Wombats. definite indie anthem crowd pleasers, but we could have done with some more variety never the less.

Soul City which is directly opposite Ground zero and as the title suggests, musically, is soulful, also throwing in reggae and hip-hop into the mix, was our final destination. there was a live MC who was getting the crowd hyped, but it was a bit too touchy feely for us ladies, if you get me, so we staggered into a cab and called it a night.

of course it would have been out right rude not to take my pals to We Love at Space on Sunday. I’ve already expressed my love for this party and as per, it didn’t disappoint. Rock Nights had brought the circus to the terrace with lots of colour, sequins and fun. Dave Philips’ disco inspired set was fabulous, DJing in El Salon for the duration. but of course my all time favourites, 2 many DJs, stole the show and played the best set I’ve seen yet, surprisingly as I swear they usually spin on the indoor terrace, in the Diskoteca Room. it was dark, dirty, with more lights and lasers than Blackpool illuminations, and everyone was going mental. My one critique would be that they didn’t come on until 4am, and when you’re paying 10€ for a beer and 12€ for a spirit and mixer and (in my case) in the back of your mind thinking ‘I’ve got to be up in a few hours to write this up for Ibiza Spotlight’ it’s testament to how much I Love, We Love.

Until next week, Ibiza Gossip Girl x  

Ibiza Gossip Girl Ch. 7 – Beaches, West End and We Love

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